The Most Curious Things That Have Happened In A Casino

Online casino in singapore are undoubtedly a source of curious anecdotes, spectacular winnings, and ingenious situations. We collect some of the most curious things that have happened in the casinos of the world.

The sandwich was invented by playing cards.

John Montagu (1718-1792), Earl of Sandwich was a prominent aristocrat who financed, among other things, James Cook’s expedition in the Pacific that led him to discover the archipelago that he named after the Sandwich Islands (today Hawaii), in honor of the count who had paid the expenses of the expedition. But its fame comes because it gave its name to that sandwich so popular today. The curious thing is that the origin was in his excessive love for the game that prevented him from finding time to eat. So, it occurred to him that they would prepare an ox steak between two loaves so as not to get stained and eat it without leaving the cards. The idea was successful and soon became fashionable, to such an extent that in aristocratic gatherings began to serve what has been called a sandwich ever since. By the way, speaking of letters,

Nearly $ 40 million on a slot machine

There have been many millionaire prizes on those machines that apparently only give a few coins, although surprisingly, the simple slots provide 70% of the game’s global income. The highest, according to the Guinness World Records, was won on March 21, 2003, at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. Nothing less than $ 39,713,982.25. But you don’t have to go to a casino to get those prizes, and a 40-year-old Helsinki Finn has won the prize of € 17,861,800 at an online casino singapore, an award that has also entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Bet all your money double or nothing … and win

Ashley Revell had a dream: to set up an online casino, but she did not have enough money. He sold all of his belongings, including his clothes, and managed to raise $ 135,300. He stood in front of one of the roulette without limit of bet of the Casino Plaza Hotel of Las Vegas and decided to risk it all double or nothing, choosing color: black or red. He chose red if he lost, he was left broke if he won, he doubled all his capital and could invest in his business. The ball spun, made multiple jumps, passed from square to square, and finally landed on 7th, foul, odd, and … red. Ashley made no more bets, changed her chips, and left the casino with $ 270,000, leaving the remaining 600 as a tip.

If you have to have a heart attack, let it be in a casino Up.

Three times as many heart attacks occur in Las Vegas than in another city of similar size. However, according to data from the New Journal of Medicine, survival from heart attacks in casinos is 53%, a higher percentage than in most hospitals. This is due to the obligation, as Casino bonus has been able to verify that there are defibrillator machines and that the casino staff is trained in resuscitation techniques, at least in the United States, which means that the patient can be cared for in record time, sometimes in less than a minute, so the possibilities survival rates are 90%.

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